The social network in company

The company and Facebook is a reality more and more widespread and, in fact, many issues arise in this area.

Here the main ones:

I declare a social network file?

The data controller is the one who decides on the use, content and purpose thereof, as stated by the legislation itself.

In practice, only in cases where information is collected from users outside the network is necessary to declare a file or "frame" in an already declared, as there is no control by the company generated data the social network.

In practice, this happens for example in promotions, the main system (part of the dynamism of the tool) to attract followers.

In this sense, Facebook policy states:

• If you collect information from users: obtain their consent, make it clear you (and not Facebook) who collects the information and publish a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use.

As I process the data?

Data must be processed in accordance with Spanish law, whether they are in a and whose tax domicile in Ireland. Even Facebook must comply with Spanish regulations.

The company is always responsible for processing and accessing information should be treated with password, making sure the right image of the users, not communicating the data to third parties without consent, etc. ..

You can e-mail advertising?

Remember that online advertising is that by which one makes an electronic communication to a third party. Remember that "commercial communication" is "any form of communication aimed at promoting, directly or indirectly, of the image or the goods or services of a company, organization or person conducting a trade, business, craft or profession."
Article 21 of the LSSI provides that "1. It is forbidden to send advertising or promotional e-mail or other means of electronic communication that previously had not been requested or expressly authorized by the recipients of them. "

Consequently, we believe that if only we could have been expressly authorized to send messages within the network with advertising content, all without prejudice to the formalities of communication.

What should I consider for a promotion?

Without prejudice to the object, scope of participants and planning, promotion conditions, exclusions, data protection etc. .. Facebook imposes some conditions on the use of I like also in the promotion must contain the following contents:

Promotions should include the following:
a. A full exemption from liability Facebook by each entrant or participant.
b. A recognition that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, managed, or associated in any way to Facebook.
c. A disclosure notice indicating that the participant provides information to [recipients of the information] and not to Facebook.